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Thursday, April 3, 2008


About AJ Cobbs

He's ID name is Angelo (Evagelos) John (middle) Kobiliris (Cobbs -short). He's born in Toronto-Canada from Greek parents.
In 1979 his family moved to Athens - Greece.
In 1985 AJ.completes high school studies. His favorite hobbies were listening to the 80's music hits, dancing & electronics. In his future life AJ proved to be be a very multi-talented individual. In the age of 17teen he started -making from scratch- electronic kits mostly radio – transmitters working on tubes. Afterwards he used them for transmitting from his house his own experimental radio shows. His first professional job was working as a dj in a small disco club called Olympic Venus.

Two years later he started to became famous and he worked in famous Athens clubs such as Barbarella, Pianneta Tera and some others... Along with his work he started working also in small radio stations as a radio dj making great music shows!

In 1990 he visited his born country Canada where he started going to a technical school (Central Tech) in Electronics but he didn’t finished it because of a few financial problems which didn’t let him stay in Canada. In the same year he returned back in Greece where he continued working in larger radio stations.

In 1998 AJ meets his future life-partner Victoria H. Shelman (former-aesthetician) who was attending there a civil engineer college studies where they fall in love and decide to live together two years later.
Along with his work he managed to build his own radio stations with the help of his best friend George Vitalis (radio stations & broadcasting solutions).

A few years later he goes to a computer college in Athens were his gets his diploma in Computers & Networks while working as a computer technician, as self employed & in Matrix Media Entertainment as a member of the highly skilled technician group.

In 2004 he attended a workshop on security products and installation systems in another part of Matrix Group as technician of security products but he did not stay in that position long.

One year later his life-partner Victoria (an ex-aesthetician) persuades him to participate in a skincare workshop and also gets in the skincare & beauty business by offering his administrative & technical skills in beauty salons.

During that workshop he started working again in a new project of his own. The Metropolis FM & Web Radio (music – gossip radio station) went on the air in 2005 where he started managing the station and had he’s own new radio show called "The morning show". The show stays on the air for two years but the station starts to have financial problems and AJ decides to end it. In 2005 and for the next five years he also extents his duties by working as an assistant director in one of Greece's larger film corporation companies, Audio Visual Enterprises SA.

In 2007 AJ and his life-partner started together a women's web health magazine and he helps with his administrative & electronics skills by uploading & maintaining his partner's site articles as well as testing & fixing health care equipment. He gets very excited and in the year 2010 he attends a aesthetics web course program where he earns a licence certificate on "Health & skincare" technician.

In the middle of 2011 with all the political financial issues that affected Greece and the Greek citizens there,  his family decideed to move back to Canada (his born country) and AJ desides to follow them where he plans to find a job in one of the radio-stations of Toronto. Victoria also decides to visit her parents in Manhattan NY.
In July he attended a government workshop in the CE in Toronto where he got in touch with the new job openings in the music & radio business. After that he found a job working in a  publishing company updating on a daily basis their web site.

A few months after he managed to build his own new recording & air studio, he's recording live shows & any type of commercials.
Now he's again in the radio business as a CEO by managing and directing his brand new radio station called Metropolis Radio Canada.

Metropolis Radio Ca is now on the air broadcasting from June/ 01/2013, with many listeners from around the world (most of them of course are from Canada & USA). 
Angelo J. Kobiliris has finally his own radio show, the well known: "Morning Show" which is doing great!! 

Angelo has finally his own radio show, the well known: "The MorningShow with Angelo" which is doing great!!
It's a daily 2hour show with various hit music, stories from around the globe and lucky prizes.  (8-10am est)

Also Angelo has a 2hour show on the weekends, show called "The Vinyl MusicPower Show with Angelo".
It's a 2hour (vinyl playing) journey with unique rare versions of well known hits (between others), from the 40s to today. (8-10pm est)
Both shows are rising to the top and becoming very popular to the world.

Stay "tuned" here for new updates from your favourite radio host star.

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